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Tree Removal & Tree Stump Removal in Melbourne

These tips can help homeowners know what to expect when it comes to the cost of professional tree services in the Brevard county area. You'll find the cost of our services at Mary Starrett Stump Grinding to be very reasonable, especially for the quality and type of professional service we provide.

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How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

Dead, dying or unsightly trees should be removed in order to keep your property safe and attractive. Professional tree removal teams can tether large trees so that they can be cut down easily in the right direction away from any existing structures. The best time of year to remove trees in the Melbourne area is during the winter when the temperatures are lower but the threat of frozen ground is unlikely. Expect to pay between $410 and $620 for tree removal in this part of Florida.

How Much Does Tree Stump Removal Cost?

While stumps may be substantially smaller than trees, removing them can be incredibly difficult for everyday homeowners and gardeners. A clean removal requires a large grinder that eats away at the tree stump and leaves a pile of sawdust behind. The job itself takes just a few minutes with the right equipment, but homeowners should expect to pay anywhere from $80 to $130 for this service in the Melbourne area.

Average Cost of Tree Maintenance in Melbourne

Because there is no real dormant season for trees in Melbourne’s warm weather, maintenance is a year-round job. Professionals, for an average fee of $350, can handle various tree-related jobs such as trimming the branches of palm trees in your yard and pruning young fruit trees to produce as much fruit as possible.

Removing Trees in Melbourne

The City of Melbourne’s Code Compliance has a few strict regulations regarding tree removal within city limits, and all homeowners have to follow their guidelines. On land less than one square acre, individuals have to submit a tree survey and pay a $15 permit fee in order to receive a tree removal permit from the city. Relocating trees on your property, however, requires no permit and can be done as necessary on your own or with professional assistance.

FPL, or Florida Power & Light Company, is the major energy provider in the Melbourne area. Residents who can see overhead power lines near their property should understand the guidelines that the company has for trees in the area. Before planting trees, homeowners should research the extent of the trees’ root systems as well as their mature height, and then only plant trees less than 20 feet in height adjacent to any existing power lines. Expect routine tree trimming by FPL maintenance crews, which helps to ensure that there are no power outages during or after heavy storms.

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